The results are in for the Wantagh Bond Vote referendum. Propositions 1 and 3 have passed, while Proposition 2 failed.

1: Infrastructure1303827
2: Athletic Fields, Auditorium, Playgrounds9931139
3: Cafeteria, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Courtyard, Library Upgrades1156976

Proposition 2 included upgrades to the athletic fields at both the High School and at Forest Lake Elementary School. Additionally, it included funds for a complete overhaul of the district’s auditorium and new playgrounds at all three elementary schools. Of the three proposals, this proposition had seen increased debate on social media in recent weeks.

With the passing of Proposition 1 and 3, the district will now move forward with improvements both infrastructure and a number of upgrades to school facilities. With the bond vote concluded, the district could potentially start work as soon as the summer of 2023.