On Tuesday, December 6th, the Wantagh community will vote on the Wantagh UFSD Bond Referendum.  The outcome of this vote will have a significant impact on the infrastructure and facilities across the entire school district. As parents within the district, here’s what you need to know.

When is the Wantagh UFSD Bond vote?

The vote will take place on Tuesday, December 6th between the hours of 7a.m. and 9 p.m. at Forest Lake, Mandalay and Wantagh elementary schools.

What will the community be voting on?

There are three propositions that total $69.5 million. Residents will vote on each of the three. Proposition 1 must pass in order for Proposition 2 or Proposition 3 to pass.

*It’s important to note that Proposition 2 and 3 are not in an order of importance.

What’s included in Proposition 1?

This addresses core infrastructure, replacing components that are original or haven’t been replaced in decades. 

This includes:

Window Replacements$16,691,000
Unit Ventilator Replacement$19,800,000
Electrical Service$3,009,000

What’s included in Proposition 2?

Athletic Fields$12,000,000
Wantagh HS (Baseball field, all-purpose field, softball field, lights, concession, bathrooms)
Forest Lake (Two new all purpose turf fields, complete softball field outfield, bleachers press box, lights, concession, bathroom)
District Auditorium Upgrades$3,100,000
The district’s only auditorium is at the High School. It would undergo a complete overhaul including new seating, lighting, flooring, sound, stage and other enhancements.
New playgrounds at all three elementary schools.

Important: Proposition 1 must be approved for Proposition 2 to pass.

What’s included in Proposition 3?

Project Cost
Cafeteria Renovations$6,120,000
Complete renovation of Wantagh High School cafeteria and kitchen replacements at all three elementary schools.
Courtyard Renovation HS/MS$155,000
Create outdoor eating areas at Wantagh High School and Middle School. It would also include an outdoor learning area at Wantagh High School.
High School Library$4,725,000
A complete renovation of Wantagh High School library and rooms 150-152.
Renovations of bathrooms district-wide.
Total $14,000,000

Important: Proposition 1 must be approved for Proposition 3 to pass.

What impact will this have on my taxes?

Proposition 1: Due to expiring debt, this proposition is budget neutral.

Proposition 2: $11 per month or $130 annually. 

Proposition 3: $9 per month or $106 annually

The above figures are according to district calculations. They project the cost to the average homeowner if all three pass will be ~$236 annually.

Additional FAQs

Does Proposition 2 need to pass in order for Proposition 3 to pass?

No. If Proposition 1 passes, then Proposition 3 would pass if it received a majority of votes.

Why is the school district holding the vote in December?

By voting in December, it would allow the district to complete some of the projects (if passed) during the summer of 2023.

Where can I find more information about the propositions?
This PDF will provide you with a comprehensive look at the current condition of the school district buildings, plan for improvements and associated costs.

What variables did the district consider when making projections for the budgetary impact?

Assessed valuation, interest rates, borrowing timeline, final approval from NYSED upon completion of projects, labor costs, NYSED permitting process, inflation, supply chain/lead time.

What does the district consider to be the average assessment of a home in Wantagh?

The district details this information on page 32 of this presentation.

How old are the buildings in the district?

The average age of the buildings is 69.5 years old.

Did the school district conduct a survey? If so, what were the results?

Yes, here are the results of the survey.

What happens if the Bond vote passes?

The architect completes and files Plans and Specifications for building improvements with NYS Education Department (SED).

Will contracts for the work be up for bid?

Yes, the district plans to distribute forms to contractors. Upon receipt, they would receive, review and award contracts.

Where can I find more information?

The school district has set up a section on their website with more information. You can also view this video presentation by Superintendent John McNamara. The school district has shared the video embedded below.